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"Knowledge and understanding creates a more rewarding experience and increases your passion for photography.  Whether it's for fun, work or for posterity, great photography has real value."



Born in England, Kim Sawyer is an experienced photographer who has worked within the media and advertising industry (London & Stockholm) for many years, owned a gallery (Gallery FB+) in Stockholm specializing in photographic Art. In recent years also the studio manager and a teacher of photography at Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm.

He is a photographer whose main interest is in people and places. With all his work, whether it's using a large format camera with black and white film for fine Art projects or digital for commercial assignments, he always aims towards creating images that express something to evoke thoughts and convey emotions .




"My aim with KSPhoto is to meet and work with interesting people, who also have a passion for Art and photography. To teach them to really look and see the things that exist around them and to help them express their creativity with a camera. While at the same time have fun and enjoy life."



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