KSPhoto specializes in photo events and education for all levels of experience and expertise.

Based in Stockholm, we provide photography Courses, Workshops and Tours in English.

"A good teacher should be able to provide more than just technical information, which can be easily sourced from books and the Internet. Great teachers of photography should also be great photographers who through their personal experience and vision are able to motivate and inspire their students to achieve goals and develop areas of interest."

As well as being inspired and motivated to learn new skills and improve your creativity, you will have the opportunity with KSP to meet some great people and see some wonderful places. For our corporate clients in the form of lectures, presentations and demonstrations, we aim to both educate and entertain.

" A good photo course is about more than just photography "

                                                                                                           For students coming from outside Sweden. Having the opportunity to meet and create new friendships, with persons who also share an interest in photography, is an added bonus.

So that we can provide good working courses, we at KSPhoto will only start a new course with a minimum group of 5 students.

KSPhoto, based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded by Kim Sawyer,

                                                                                                           aims to take your photography to the next level. With a combination of theory and hands on practical experience we will help you to improve your skills, providing a more enjoyable and rewarding experience which satisfies your creativity and benefits your photography.

As an international company, most of our Courses, Workshops and Tours are taught in English but many of our associated tutors are bilingual and speak both English and Swedish. All tutors are experienced professional photographers who are selected to teach specific courses and workshops according to their special area of expertise. As professionals they will view your work with constructive evaluation to include feedback, suggestions and tips.

Our courses are usually located within Stockholm, while the workshops are based in more stimulating locations away from the classroom, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on the important part of photography, creating great photographic images.

For corporate clients we provide both education and entertainment. For both work and pleasure photography can be very rewarding. Our Courses, Workshops and Lectures aim to both inspire and motivate persons to be more visually and technically aware, resulting in creative photography that becomes a fun experence.     

"Sometimes we all need a little help."



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